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  Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Designed to further collaboration among the community, this database allows members to list their active research projects into a common database. Faculty, staff and students and members of the public can search the database for areas of interest.

As a service to the research community, NYC-LSAMP is pleased to provide a complete listing of abstracts for papers submitted via the NYC-LSAMP virtual community. You can search by keyword and find all citations that contain the keyword in either the title, abstracts, or author sections of the research project.

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Project Title Views Last Updated
Cmp Interconnections  (more info) 22 6/4/2007
Use of simulations to compose On-chip multiprocessor interconnections schemes at the Micro-architecture level that would improve performance and save energy.
Members (1)
Projectstem  (more info) 18 8/28/2008
Social networking website geared towards research students.
Members (1)
Subjects: Computer Science
The Application Of Technology Programs In Cuny Regarding Student Career Placement  (more info) 11 8/30/2010
I would like to survey the technology program offerings in CUNY with regards to Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems and see how well students are fairing in terms of job placement, and what can be done to improve jo...
Members (1)
Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering/Applied Science, Undeclared Science
The Viability Of Virtualization Software As A Training Tool For Cs, It And Nc Students.  (more info) 0 9/3/2010
Virtualization Software is cutting edge and can really be used as a tool for advanced students to master different aspects of technology within a safe lab environment which will enhance their marketability in certain areas pertaining to technology as...
Members (1)
Subjects: Engineering/Applied Science
Utilizing New Media Technology Tools To Build Library Information Research Guides  (more info) 3 7/5/2012
How may college students use Applied Technology of New Media Tools to build Library Research Guides in various subject areas? In addition, how may the Principles of New Media expand the role of Library Information Research in collaboration with buil...
Members (1)
Subjects: Computer Science
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